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Uplift your promotion, perfectly package your product, or Cash in on your collection with Can It

Since 1994, Can It has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of branded tin packaging and collection tins in South Africa. Our vast range of custom tins and canisters, ointment tins, collection tins and money boxes are available worldwide. We have proudly supplied millions of cans and canisters to our valued customers and non-profits both in and outside of South Africa and as far as Australia and the United States. Can It is a tin manufacturer and can supplier to retailers, wholesalers, the tin packaging industry, as well as the promotional and corporate gifting industries.

Can It has assisted thousands of corporate entities with branded tin packaging, canned corporate gifts, ointment tins, canisters, mint tins, branded chocolates and more. Our team has the experience and dedication to guide you to the best promotional and packaging solution. Our services are all inclusive from beginning to end, supplying both branded and unbranded cans and canisters, with or without your product inside.

Can It has been a proud partner of many successful and effective marketing and advertising campaigns. We specialise in effective and cost-effective tin packaging for your product, product launch, promotion, brand activation and corporate gifting needs.

Can It also plays a unique role in the crowd-funding and charity industries, as the distribution of branded money boxes and collection tins began with us in 1994, at the dawn of democracy in South Africa when we began as a small manufacturer and supplier of money boxes and collection tins. Since then we have grown our product offerings and services as well as our customer base throughout South Africa and we now enjoy excellent customer relations in Australia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Namibia.

Countless charitable causes are sustained by, and earn their bread and butter through, distributing custom branded money boxes and collection tins that we manufacture at Can It.  Through Can It’s unique influence and insight into the industry, and country-wide reach, we play a vital role in the charity industry which enables NPO’s to function and continue doing the indispensable humanitarian work that they do. Our network of money boxes and collection tins enables millions of people to “pay it forward” every day, at till points worldwide. Our network supports all different kinds of humanitarian causes including orphans and disadvantaged children, education and people in general need of assistance.

Whatever you are needs are, from branded cans, can packaging, tin packaging, money boxes and collection tins, to promotions and promotional ideas, desk-drops, plant-cans and canned-air, Can It has the solution for you and your brand.

Featured Products

Money Boxes

We have supplied millions of money boxes and cans to charities, companies, governmental organizations, non-profits and schools. Thousands of charitable causes sustain themselves and earn their bread and butter.

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Promotional Cans

As a promotional and packaging novelty– let Can It seal your product, contents or gifts inside tin cans, with your company logo wrapped around in full-colour. Beautiful and cost-effective packaging for your product or gift.

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Packaging Tins

Custom tin boxes from Can It make a statement about your brand, and your product that is strong, innovative and memorable. Can It will work with you to give your product a unique and long lasting printed metal box

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How To Collect Money For Your Charity

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. Money boxes at till checkout points are the ideal and most profitable form of crowdfunding for charity. Cause Marketing Forum, which assists charities and companies on fundraising partnerships, analyzed the 63 checkout campaigns in the United States that earned at least $1 million (R12 million) in 2012. Combined, they raised $358.4 million (R4.3 Billion) — more than a dollar for every American. (Source)

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Why Choose Can It

  • Branded tins and cans offer great retention value and brand recognition

  • Intrigue and impress even your toughest clients

  • There is no limit to what you can put inside or outside of the tin can

  • Effective and useful communication tools

Your can, your contents, your brand and your message!

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