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A New And Original Product

Have you ever noticed that the birthday cake is never eaten and ends up in the dustbin? Here is an exciting new patented product, the Smash Cake! The cake is made of Belgian chocolate and decorated to your requirements, e.g. recipient’s name, candles, and more. The cake is hollow, and filled with all sorts of goodies, quality sweets, toys, presents and of course personal requests are welcome! After the candles have been blown out, the recipient is given a hammer, supplied with the cake, to smash the cake open. So much excitement and squealing, hands grab the pieces of chocolate, sweets, toys and presents. We guarantee there will be nothing left of this cake! You can name your price and your cake can be filled with whatever you wish to spend. You can even put the birthday present inside the cake if it’s the right size.

  • Large Birthday Cake: Size 260mm diameter x 130mm iced with a personal greeting.
  • Mammoth size cake: Suitable for large functions • Size 400mm x 170mm with a personal greeting.
  • Mini smash cakes: 80mm diameter and 70mm high • These can be used for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter.
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