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Here’s why you should Choose Can It as your Tin Can Manufacturer

Independent and founded in 1994, we are a safe pair of hands when it comes to crafting beautiful tin packaging out of tinplate and our customers tell us that from concept to completion, we are responsive and reliable with processes in place that are as seamless as the tins we create.

We are a volume manufacturer and supplier of metal tin packaging, serving big label brands with custom tin projects, branding on tins, packaging of new product launches as well as promotional drives and advertising campaigns. There is a reason customers choose us. We’ve been crafting creative tins for over 25 years. We are proudly South Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Canned Corporate Products and Money Boxes.


25 Years of Successful Tin Packaging Innovation

Is it really bragging, when it’s true?

We have manufactured and supplied millions of tin cansmoney boxesfood canstin boxescorporate gifts and more. We’ve assisted charities and corporate companies for over 25 years. We lead the industry, and others follow. Our company started out as just a small manufacturer of money tins and cans – we have since grown internationally, expanding our product offering, and we now enjoy excellent customer relations across various industries and in more than 10 countries.

South Africa’s Leading Packaging Company

Our Standard Metal Tin Cans

We stock a wide variety of standard sizes but also can manufacture to almost any size

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Simple Steps to Success

  1. Choose the can size that you need
  2. Choose the closure type that you need (Peel-Off, Plain End or Pull-Ring)
  3. Design your label, or we can design it for you
  4. Can It packages your product inside
  5. Can It seals the cans with your chosen closure
  6. Can It brands/prints your cans
  7. Finished Cans get boxed (protective packaging)
  8. Cans are delivered to your door. Impress, Intrigue and Delight even your toughest clients!
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Metal Tin Can Lids

Metal Lids, Ends & Closures for Food Tin Cans


EPOL LIDS | Alufix Peel-Off Lids | Easy Peel-Off Lids

The easy-peelable Alufix Dry membrane for sealing onto tinplate rings provides the can with a safe and convenient closure solution for canned goods. With its aluminium layer, Alufix Dry offers the best possible protection for all dry products which do not require heat treatment after filling.

The Easy Peel-Off Lid (EPOL) is a technology in the food packaging industry, which is gaining market share with respect to the well known Easy Open End (EOE) closure. The EPOL is easier to open and to produce than the EOE closure and consists of two parts: the protact ring and the alufix. The protact ring is made of polymer coated steel and the alufix is an aluminium foil, which is often coated with a peelable PolyPropylene (PP) layer. The polymer layers of protact and alufix are heat sealed together, achieving an airtight closure.

Alufix makes opening a can child’s play! Can It’s peelable lid for sealing onto tinplate rings provides the can with a safe and convenient closure solution. With its aluminium layer, Alufix offers the best possible protection for dry products.

Easy Open Ends | Metal Pull-Ring Lids | EZO LIDS / EOE LIDS

Our easy open ends are made of tinplate and are available for packing foods such as tuna fish, tomato paste, fruits, vegetables, juices, curry, meat, mushrooms, nuts, milk powder, coffee, vegetable oils, motor oils and almost all other types of food and non-food products. These easy open lids are made as ‘full aperture openings’ only. Our ends are suitable for pasteurization, sterilization and retorting.

Outside of the EOE can be gold lacquered or clear lacquered. Our EZO lids are printed with opening instructions. Many of our customers purchase easy open ends with their logo printed on outside of these Can Ends, this requires a certain order quantity. Such printed Can ends are commonly used to increase brand awareness and for running promotion campaigns.

Inside of the Easy Open Covers is usually lacquered. The type of internal lacquer can be epoxy phenolic, organosol or aluminized as per customer request and end application. The colour of internal lacquer can be Gold or Clear. All the lacquers used in our lids are approved by relevant authorities.

Plain End Lids | Open Top Cans with Lids | Food Can Lid

With a lacquer coating on all plain ends, this tin can lid is ideal for any edible or non-edible product. Save on cost with using these standard lids, as opposed to peel-off and pull-ring lids. The buyers and recipients of your tin cans will require a can-opener to open tins which are sealed with this type of closure.

Available with or without ribbing (lines or smooth), keep it simple by having your cans sealed with these lids which are made of the same material as the tin can itself.  Suitable to be branded and printed with your custom design, these lids are great for promotional and marketing use.

Paint Can Lids | Triple Tite Metal Lids | TT Lids / RL Lids

The Triple Tite closure is very suitable for flat plate lids. Tins with this type of closure are sometimes harder to re-close because residue can be left in the rim after the paint is poured out. The TT closure is particularly important for mixed lacquers because the stirrer lid can be clicked into place under the edge. In general, the TT closure is experienced by its users that the lid is more easy to re(open) than an RL closure.

The performance/tightness of the Tripe Tite closure is similar to the RL closure. The TT closure is less closed than an RL closure. For good air-tightness, we advise turning the tin cans upside down after filling, that the air-tightness off the lid/ring connection will be optimal.

  • The TT closure has a flat lid.
  • The TT lid falls in the rim of the tin.
  • The TT closure is used mainly on the professional market.

Plastic Tin Can Lids | Resealable Plastic Lids| SC Lids / LDPE Lids

These plastic lids for open-top cans are pliable and reusable, low-density polyethene (LDPE), natural in colour. The perfect addition to your tin cans if you want them to be reused. Our standard plastic lids are clear (see-through) and can be moulded or printed with your logo on quantity.  Ideal for coffee, biscuits, powder or gifts.

Available in various different diameters. A simple and low-cost addition to your product – don’t forget to add these to your order. These lids make the cans completely resealable and air-tight for keeping your contents fresh and new.

Take note: these lids will only fit once the tins have been sealed or the sharp edges of the tin have been rolled down. Before the tin is sealed, the diameter is wider and will not fit the lids. To have these lids custom printed or moulded would require a large order quantity.

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