Donation Cans

Donation Cans are used every day in South Africa for fundraising, promotional and charity needs. We are the largest manufacturer of Charity Donation Cans.

  • Donation Cans for Educating Children about Money – Can It’s unique experience, insight and powerhouse influence into the South African fundraising industry, as well as its country-wide reach, places us in an unparalleled position to fundamentally change and benefit the spending culture of our youth, by cultivating a savings culture of fiscal responsibility that will extend to the young and adults alike, creating a brighter and better future for all. Contact us to inquire about our Money Box educational program for schools.
  • Donation Cans for Religious Institutions – Our Donation Cans are widely used by churches, mosques, synagogues and religious institutions for raising funds, collecting donations and to aid in teaching people how to be charitable.
  • Donation Cans for Fundraising – When Donation Cans are placed at till check-out points that deal in a high volume of cash transactions, charities will be able to raise an extraordinary amount of funds by simply managing their network of Cans.
  • Donation Cans for Marketing Banks – Donation Cans are widely used by banks and financial institutions for marketing and to encourage their customers to start saving. Most of South Africa’s Financial Giants have made use of our Donation Cans, including FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank, SARS, SANLAM, Momentum, Barclays, Ecobank, Ubank, TebaBank and more.

Donation Tin Cans

Donation Tins

Donation Tins

Donation Tins (also called “Donation Cans” or “Donation Tin Cans“) are tin cans that are manufactured for collecting coins, fundraising and saving money. Donation Tins are made from tinplate metal with have a slot at the top, for inserting coins. The tins come standard in Silver but can also be branded with a custom label. The tins are not reusable and cannot be opened. Order your donation tins from anywhere in the world, directly from Can It.