Filled Tins

Here is how to buy your own Filled Tins with Your Custom Contents Filled and Sealed Inside

Custom Filled Tin Cans

Gift Cans” are filled tin cans that have your custom product filled and sealed inside. Simply supply your contents to Can It and we do the filling, packaging and sealing of your contents inside the tin cans. There are various lids and tin can sizes to choose from. Custom Filled Tins with Your Contents Sealed Inside and a branded label stretching 360° around the tin can, will leave a lasting impression and has been used by almost every Industry Giant in South Africa for gift packaging and promotions.

How does it Work?

Gifts Filled in Tin Cans

Your Tin Can, Your Contents and Your Canned Packaging!

filled tin cans
filled metal tins

Filled Gift Tins

How to get your product filled in tins:

  • 1.) Choose the tin can size that you need.
  • 2.) Choose the tin can closure type that you need (Peel-Off, Plain End or Pull-Ring).
  • 3.) Design your tin can label, or we can design it for you.
  • 4.) Supply your product to us or we can source the contents that you want.
  • 5.) Tin cans are filled with your custom contents.
  • 6.) Tin cans are sealed with your chosen closure.
  • 7.) Tin cans are printed with your custom design.
  • 8.) Tin cans receive an additional plastic lid on top of the sealed metal lid.
  • 8.) Finished tin cans get boxed (protective packaging).
  • 9.) Tin cans are delivered to your door.
  • 10.) Intrigue, Impress and Delight even your toughest clients!
Filled Gift Cans
Canned Gifts South Africa


Promotional Tin

Did you know?

Can I seal my own stuff in tins? Yes, you CAN! You can simply supply any contents you want to be filled in your tins, or alternatively we can source and quote on the contents that you want packed and filled inside your cans. Your tins can be filled with mints, gifts, food, sweets, snacks or anything else you desire. Simply indicate to us what product you are in need of packaging and the Can It experienced canning team will help you from beginning to end.

Filled Tins South Africa

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filled cans

Filled Tins with my Stuff Inside?

Filled Tins with Anything Sealed Inside!

We want to hear from you! What do you think is a unique thing to fill and seal in tins? Industry leading companies from almost every industry in South Africa have made use of our filled tins for promotions and gifting. Ranging from coffee, gifts and stationery to full blown plants in a tin, teddy tins, conference packs, sweet tins and Canned Air, we have filled millions of tin cans with endless of ideas from our clients.

Let us know what YOU want filled in tins. Comment below!