Tin Food Manufacturer South Africa

Can It South Africa is a leading tin food manufacturer and food canning company. Their range of food tin cans are available printed or plain, anywhere in South Africa. As a leading Canned Food Manufacturer, they also provide a canning service, whereby you can supply your own food product or contents to them and they will package and seal the tin cans with your product inside.

Tin Food Manufacturer

Tin Food Manufacturer

Canned Food Supplier South Africa

Can It South Africa has a history of manufacturing tin cans for over 25 years and we’re always looking to expand and to accommodate all our client needs, with an even broader mix of products than ever before. Canned food from Can It is an accessible and affordable solution to the nation’s need for safe, nutritious and quality food. So, whether it’s an existing food tin can product or a new package design, Can It South Africa is poised to deliver the best products at the best prices.

Can It and our partners already have established retail canned food products with leading brand names in South Africa, it is time for your company to join the list. We manufacture and supply various tin food products ranging from Canned Beans, Canned Vegetables, Canned Green Beans, Canned Corn and Canned Peas, to delicious Canned Meat and full Canned Meals. Whatever you need Canned, get in touch with Can It!

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Food Tin Manufacturer South Africa

In addition to the sizes below, we are also able to custom-manufacture tin food cans to your exact size and requirements. We supply unfilled, raw (plain) tin cans, as well as finished and packaged food tin products. If you’re in need of a food canning service, get in touch.

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Canned Food Manufacturer South Africa

Tin Can Food Manufacturer

Food Cans are ideal for packaging food, sweets, coffee, gifts and consumables. The food is preserved, long-life and fresh. Food cans preserve the nutritional value of the product packaged inside, are also easy to transport. Our food tin manufacturing products meet the demands for food safety and are extremely suitable for high speed filling.

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Food Tin Manufacturer South Africa
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As a leading Tin Food Manufacturer in South Africa, we also assist small companies and individuals to package their contents and gifts in tins. If you’re in need of a unique way of packaging your new product or gift, then take a look at the Can It Gift Canning page. Our Tin Food Cans have various uses, ranging from Canned Food, Canned Gifts and Gift Cans, to Canned Coffee, Canned Air and CANNED ANYTHING!

Canned Food Manufacturer South Africa

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Our sealing service makes it easy to have your food products packaged inside tin cans. Depending on the product and quantity, we do everything for you, including but not limited to the filling, packaging, preservation and delivery. Together with our branding services, your attractive printed food cans will be the optimal packaging for your product and will allow you to obtain a distinctive position in the market.

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Canned Food Manufacturer

We have various size cans and type closures available and if needed we are able to custom manufacture to your exact size and requirements.  Every consumable product may require a different preservation process. Can It provides the unique service of not only manufacturing tins but also packaging, sealing, testing and preserving your product.

Get in touch with Can It, the leading Promotional Food Canning Company in South Africa on 087-700-8848 or email info@canit.co.za for a speedy response.