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Branded Vodacom Round Tins

At Can It, we understand the importance of packaging and the value it brings to your brand. Since 1994, we have been a leading tin manufacturer and supplier of custom tin packaging and collection tins in South Africa. Our vast range of tin packaging, custom tins and tin cans, ointment tins, collection tins and paint cans are available worldwide.

Why use Tin Packaging? Here are some of the top advantages of tin packaging:

1. Custom Branded Tins properly describe the product packaged inside

A perfectly branded tin box or tin can, printed 360° with your custom artwork carries across your desired message and significantly increases the perceived value of your product. Furthermore, it is worth noting that this form of packaging allows for the maximum surface area to be entirely covered with your unique design.

With various options and ways of branding, printing and assembly – tins offer stunning visual appeal and your image will never fade on Can It’s custom tin boxes.

2. It’s a method of Protective Packaging

Lightweight and adaptable, the premium tinplate we use to manufacture bespoke tin cans is easily moulded to best suit the contents, yet robust enough to provide protection.

Looking to elegantly package a fragile product? Tin Packaging is your friend.

Tins provide more strength and protection than most other traditional packaging options. On some tin cans, ribbing is added for strength purposes. Other tins are seamless. Most tin boxes are made using 0.27mm thickness tinplate, ensuring the product packaged inside will be protected – from the moment it is made, to the point of delivery to the customer.

3. Tins are Kept and Reused.

Also consider that custom tin boxes from Can It last for years and neither the gift-giving moment nor your brand will be forgotten any time soon. This ‘keep-ability’ and reuse factor follows on from the initial appeal of a good looking tin that helps to give brands the wow factor they need to get noticed, extending the visibility of a product long after it has been bought.

Even the most ornate cardboard package will be discarded once the product inside is used. But your custom tin packaging, with your company logo and unique design, will be kept around for years and your custom tin boxes will look brand new without any loss in colour years from now. Can It tin boxes are not only very attractive at first sight, but are also likely to become a keepsake or collectible item – or at the very least a storage compartment for what have you!