Ointment Tins

Metal Ointment Tins for Sale South Africa

Ointment Tins

Seamless Metal Ointment tins for Wax, Polish, Lip Balm, Cosmetics, Candles & More

Available in various sizes, branded or silver, empty or filled. A perfect fit for the pocket, purse or pencil-case, and even for the medication you need to carry around with you. Filled with lip balm or mints, these make a Budget-Friendly, Quality product for Corporate and Marketers to hand out to potential and existing customers.

Always remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression. First impressions matter but the substance has the final word. Lightweight and adaptable the high-grade tinplate we use to manufacture bespoke tin boxes best suit the content, yet robust enough to provide protection. Buy your small round tins, directly from SA s leading supplier – Can It.

Our balm tins, polish tins, wax tins and small round tin containers are used in various industries, in and outside of South Africa, such as the retail, milk powder, industrial, corporate gifting, promotional and marketing sectors.

Our Metal Ointment Tins are manufactured in various sizes and available throughout South Africa. Our Branded Ointment Tin Containers are used as Balm Tins, Beard Balm Tins, Wax Tins, Cosmetic tins, Candle Tins, Mint Tins, Lip Balm Tins and more. Buy your Metal Tins and Lip Balm Containers directly from us! We are proudly South Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier.

Ointment Tins South Africa

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A few Can It ointment tins lined up

Shipping of your Tins

Our dedicated and experienced team are on hand to guide you in creating a successful and effective packaging plan for your product or promotion.
We are able to quote DDP terms, meaning we are responsible for all Packaging, VAT, Taxes, Customs, Shipping and delivery to your premise. We are able to deliver to your required (and often times complicated) distribution list, including complete logistic management and courier of the end product to end user.


Need A Custom Label or Contents?

Our tins come in a variety of sizes and serve an assortment of purposes. We can fill your ointment tins with mints, sweets, corporate gifts or anything you desire – alternatively, you can fill them yourselves. Available in various sizes, branded or silver, empty or filled. A perfect fit for the pocket, purse or pencil-case.

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Countless charitable causes are sustained by, and earn their bread and butter through, distributing custom branded money boxes and collection tins that we manufacture at Can It.  Our network of money boxes and collection tins enables millions of people to “pay it forward” every day, at till points worldwide. Our network supports all different kinds of humanitarian causes including orphans and disadvantaged children, education and people in general need of assistance.