Paint Tins

Our Paint Tins, Paraffin Tins and Polish Tins are available printed or plain

Paint Tins for Sale

Buy your Paint Tins directly from the leading Paint Tin Suppliers in South Africa. Branded Paint Tins for packaging paint, hardeners, liquids, oil and chemicals. Our Paint Cans are widely used in the construction, petrochemical, manufacturing, retail and promotional industries. We have various different sizes available.

Paint Tins

Paint Tins South Africa

Paint Tins for Sale South Africa

Paint Tins for Sale South Africa – Our Paint Tins can be printed with your custom artwork, or you could get them unbranded (plain) from us. We have various lids and sizes available. Buy your Metal Paint Cans directly from South Africa‘s leading Paint Tin Manufacturers and Paint Can Suppliers.

Sizes ranging from 250ml, 500ml and 1litre to 5litre and 20l pails. Get in touch with the Paint Tin experts here at Can It.

Paint Can Supplier South Africa

Paint Tin Supplier

Our range of Paint Tins, Paraffin Tins, Polish Tins, Cone Top Tins, Paint Domes, Paint Pails & Screw Tins come with the required inner coatings and are available custom printed or plain.

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