Personalised Tin Cans South Africa

Also called “Custom Tin Cans“; Personalised Tin Cans are tin containers that have your custom contents packaged inside and branding printed on the outside. We manufacture and supply canned gifts and tin cans for promotions.

Custom Tin Cans South Africa

Personalised Tin Cans South Africa

Tin Cans are strong and robust but also highly adaptable and easily moulded to best suit your custom contents. Our tin cans are manufactured from high quality tin-plated mild steel, printed with your personal design, and are suitable for packaging coffee, promotional products, t-shirts, cookies, sweets, gifts and a host of other products. Personalised tin cans are cost effective and useful.

Can It is the leading manufacturer and supplier of canned corporate products and promotional gifts sealed in tins. From small business owners to industry Giants, companies in South Africa simply love our customised tin cans. Buy sealed tins with your own branding and contents directly from us!

Package your product and gifts uniquely, instead of the traditional cardboard box or plastic; consider a Tin Can! We offer various sizes, lids and branding options. Tins keep your product fresh, they look beautiful and are infinitely recyclable. Experience the Magic.

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Personalised Tin Cans South Africa
Personalised Tins South Africa

Personalised Tins

Personalised Tins South Africa

Personalised Tin Cans

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    Our “Personalised Tins” are commonly used as food cans, gift cans, coffee cans, candle cans, promotional cans and more. Our tin containers are available throughout South Africa. We offer both plain and printed, and empty or filled tin cans. The tin cans are available in various sizes, and on quantity, we are able to adjust the sizing to your exact requirements.