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We manufacture and supply Metal Tin Piggy Banks for promotions, charity, functions, fundraising and more.

Our Piggy Banks are available branded or plain and in various different sizes. We’ve manufactured and supplied metal piggy banks for over 25 years. In actual fact, the distribution of piggy banks in South Africa started with us in 1994, when Can It began as just a small manufacturer and supplier of money tins. Since then, we have grown our product offering and client base throughout South Africa and worldwide – we now enjoy excellent customer relations in over 10 countries and counting!

Piggy Banks are used across various industries for fundraising, gifting and promoting brands. Get your Complete Piggy Bank starter-kit. Contact us now.

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Piggy Bank Sizes
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Piggy Bank Supplier South Africa

Tin Metal Piggy Banks

Piggy Bank Supplier South Africa

  • Our Piggy Banks love helping charities raise money. Our piggies are passionate about it. As of the year 2006, we assisted charities in raising over R63 million (2019 exchange rate: 4.3 million USD) by simply supplying metal tin money banks which we manufactured at Can It. Fast forward to the present day, more than a decade later, this figure has skyrocketed!
  • Our Piggy Banks love educating children about money. Can It offers an educational programme for schools. A Piggy Bank and Workbook, together, will serve as a pedagogical device to teach and educate children the rudiments of thrift, saving and investment. Continue browsing to read more about it.
  • Our Piggy Banks love quadrupling your company’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI). Aligned with our country’s priorities and the Millennium Development Goals; Can It plays an important role in the socio-economic development of South Africa, supplying millions of piggy banks to companies for CSI. Piggy Banks distributed wisely will prove an ROI of over 1000% and Your CSI will blow through the roof without needing to increase the actual spend.
  • Our Piggy Banks love helping religious institutions inspire their people. Charity, Tzedakah (Hebrew) or Sadaqah (Arabic) is in all of our earliest Writings. Our Money Banks help Churches, Synagogues and Mosques with fundraising while inspiring their congregation, Masjid (Arabic) or Minyan (Hebrew) about charity and giving.
  • Our Piggy Banks love explaining useful fundraising tips and know-how. A piggy bank is a phenomenal way of raising funds and you can multiply your funds raised by simply having multiple boxes! But to really make your piggy a success there are a couple of guidelines you will need to follow, which we will outline for you. We love guiding and assisting charities, check out the Piggy Bank distribution tips page – here.

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Money Piggy Banks South Africa

Why use Piggy Banks?

So by now, you should be asking yourself- why should I be using Can It for my Promotional Money Banks? You probably found us via our Facebook Page, by Searching Promotional Money Banks or something similar on Google or maybe you knew us by name (we’ve traded over 25 years)… Now that you found us, get ready to INTRIGUE, IMPRESS AND DELIGHT YOUR CLIENTS. Before we tell you why you should use us, instead of others, here’s a small introduction;

Our Money Tins, Money Boxes and Charity Cans enable millions of people to “Pay it Forward” every day till checkout points worldwide. We’ve manufactured and supplied millions of piggy banks, enabling countless charitable causes to sustain themselves.

Tin Metal Piggy Banks

Metal Money Banks South Africa

  • Metal money banks are more practical and cost-effective than the traditional plastic PIG-SHAPE bank, especially on bulk order quantities.

  • Piggy Banks provide an effortless way for people and organisations to generate a passive income that covers their expenses at the least, while also giving people the option to donate to a good cause without being pressured by being asked if they would like to donate, as with some programs where tellers ask customers if they would like to make a donation.

  • Piggy Banks are excellent as corporate gifts and for use in your promotions and company product launches. Most of South Africa’s Financial Giants have made use of our piggy banks, including FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank, SARS, SANLAM, Momentum, Barclays, Ecobank, Ubank, TebaBank and more.

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Piggy Bank Tins South Africa
Piggy Banks South Africa