A Promotional Desk Calendar or Can It Calendar Can on your desk, used for pens, small change and other items is the ideal reminder- both of your important dates as well as the message put across on the branding.

Promotional Desk Calendars South Africa

How often do we forget what day it is – Birthdays, Anniversaries, Meetings and important events? Celebrate the new year by gifting your clients with a practical and promotional gift. Our Tin Can Desk Calendars prominently display your logo, contact info and message. The tins are filled with your gifts, and once the contents are consumed or used, the tin cans act as a useful promotional desk drop.

Our promotional desk calendars are a powerful and fun tool for marketing your company!

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Why use Promotional Desk Calendars?

  •  1.) Promotional Calendars display your logo and branding for the whole year.

Desk calendars will remain functional year round, prominently displaying your brand every time it is seen and reused.

  • 2.) Promotional Calendars have the lowest cost per advertisement viewing of any promotional gift.

It’s true that calendars are seen 10 times per day on average, making it the most seen promotional gifting product.

  • 3.) Promotional Calendars are functional and useful

Unlike other promotional products, calendars are kept and reused for the whole year, prominently displaying your brand and message every time it seen and reused.

Promotional Calendar Gifts
Promotional Calendar Tin Cans

Promotional Desk Calendars for Sale

Our Promotional Desk Calendars are the ideal tool for effective and useful communication. Highlight your dates as well as your brand!

Calendars are made to be looked at everyday and every time your client sees your brand, they’ll think of you. Promotional Calendars are cost-effective and will help you to have an edge over your competition. For just a few pennies you will get a full 365-day marketing campaign – what other promotional product offers this kind of Return on Investment?

Promotional Desk Calendars South Africa

Promotional calendars are better at driving new business than shirts, drinkware or even hats.

Promotional Tin

Did you know?

These “Promotional Desk Calendars” are filled and sealed with YOUR promotional products and gifts packaged inside. Once the contents has been used or consumed, the tins act as a stationery holder and desk calendar. Simply request a quote, then supply your products to Can It for sealing. We will do the branding, filling and packaging of your contents. These are the most Creative Desk Calendars you will find anywhere in South Africa!

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    Promotional Desk Calendars for Sale South Africa