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Promotional Tin Packaging

We can seal your Product or Corporate Gifts inside tins

Can It offers a sealing service where you supply contents to us- whether it be coffee, corporate gifts, t-shirts, jelly beans or food- we will seal it inside tin cans and brand the tins with your custom artwork.

We have various size cans and type closures available. Small order quantities are welcomed. Unique, Original and Innovative Packaging for your product launch or promotion. 

This type of packaging is a novelty. Your clients will be impressed to receive such a uniquely packaged corporate gift. We understand the importance of packaging at Can It and the value it brings to your brand. Ours is a business built on a background in engineering, an understanding of manufacturing and a keen eye for detail.

We also manufacture many different size and shape tin boxes that don’t require any sealing, click here for more information

Branded Tin Packaging ensures your name is in front of your customer and on their mind long after the contents have been unpacked. The Can is your best form of subliminal advertising. The Can It team has assisted thousands of corporate entities with promotional tin packaging, canned corporate gifts, ointment tins, canisters, mint tins, branded chocolate, custom tins and more.

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Printed Tin Boxes

Just as the packaging of an email determines if you open it or not, so too does the packaging of your corporate gifts and promotions determine the return on your investment. Plastic bags, plastic containers, cardboard and paper may be cheap, but they are also thrown away immediately after use, if they are even used at all. Your client throws it away as soon as they have emptied it. Ever wondered why most product promotions are done with tins? Bakers, Five Roses, Sun International, Skip, Sunlight and others always launch their limited edition promotions in printed tins and cans. This is their product of choice because it is an item that people keep and re-use over and over, for many years.

From Branded Collection tins, Ointment tins, Custom Tin Boxes and Packaging Cans to Branded Chocolates and Promotional Blankets – our products vary as do our clients.  We are a respected tin can manufacturer and having supplied millions of money boxes and cans to charities, companies, governmental organisations, non-profits and schools.

The ‘keep-ability’ and reuse factor follows on from the initial appeal of a good looking tin that helps to give brands the wow factor they need to get noticed, extending the visibility of a product long after it has been bought. Even the most ornate cardboard package will be discarded once the product inside is used. But your custom tin packaging, with your company logo and unique design, will be kept around for years and your custom tin boxes will look brand new without any loss in colour years from now. Can It tin boxes are not only very attractive at first sight, but are also likely to become a keepsake or collectible item – or at the very least a storage compartment for what have you!

Specialty tin packaging adds significant perceived value to any product, be it cookies, chocolate, tea, clothing or promotional items like gift cards.

Your brand, your message and your image never fade on tin boxes. Can It is the ultimate one-stop shop, providing  design and production of custom tin packaging, all details pertaining to freight, customs and duty, insurance and, of course, advertising and marketing services in South Africa, neighboring countries and anywhere in the world.

Independent and founded in 1994, we are a safe pair of hands when it comes to crafting beautiful tin packaging out of tinplate. And our customers tell us that from concept to completion, we are responsive and reliable with processes in place that are as seamless as the tins we create.


Can It manufactures over 70 standard sizes

On quantity, we are able custom manufacture to any size. Different type closures, coatings & branding options available

Request our full range to find the most suitable size for your product- click here

Code: A1

Size: 73 x 62 mm

Code: A3

Size: 73 x 87 mm

Code: A2

Size: 73 x 111 mm

  1. Choose the can size that you need
  2. Choose the closure type that you need (Peel-Off, Plain End or Pull-Ring)
  3. Design your label, or we can design it for you
  4. Can It packages your product inside
  5. Can It seals the cans with your chosen closure
  6. Can It brands / prints your cans
  7. Finished Cans get boxed (protective packaging)
  8. Cans are delivered to your door. Impress, Intrigue and Delight even your toughest clients!

Golf Cans

The ideal kit for golf days, fun days, personal gifts and promotions. As with all our products, the contents are customizable as is the branding. Get your message across with a complete pack comprising gifts and its handy packaging that will be used over and over.





Fun Days

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Branded & Sealed Cans with your Product or Corporate Gift Inside… now that’s a packaging novelty! We also specialize in:

  • Canisters
  • Tin Boxes
  • Promotional Tin Packaging
  • Branded Tins
  • Money Tins
  • Ointment Tins
  • Collection Tins
  • & Loads more!

Calendar Cans

How often do we forget what day it is, birthdays, anniversaries, meetings and important events?

A calendar can on your desk, used for pens, small change and other items is the ideal reminder, both of your important dates as well as the message put across on the branding. Calendar cans are the ideal tool for effective and useful communication. Highlight your dates as well as your company!





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