Rectangular Tins

Our Rectangular Tins are available Printed with your Custom Design or Plain

Rectangular Tins

Rectangular Tins can be used for a number of things. Promoting your brand, corporate gifting, packaging a product, storage, launches and advertising are some of the most common uses.

Plastic bags, plastic containers, cardboard and paper may be cheap, but they are also thrown away immediately after use, if they are even used at all. Your client throws it away as soon as they have emptied it. Ever wondered why most product promotions are done with tin containers? Bakers, Five Roses, Sun International, Skip, Sunlight and others always launch their limited edition promotions in printed tins and cans.

This is their product of choice because it is an item that people keep and reuse over and over, for many years.

Our tin boxes are easily recycled, but we find they’re rarely discarded. People seem to find another use for them, even if just to look at. Just as the packaging of an email determines if you open it or not, so too does the packaging of your product, corporate gift and promotion determine the return on your investment.

We have assisted thousands of corporate entities with branded tin packagingcanned corporate giftsointment tins, canistersmint tins, branded chocolates and more. We manufacture and supply canned novelty items and gifts for promotions, functions, events, parties, marketing and advertising.

can-it-manA little bit about us…

Independent and founded in 1994, we are safe pair of hands when it comes to crafting beautiful tin packaging out of tinplate and our customers tell us that form concept to completion, we are responsive and reliable with processes in place that are as seamless as the tins we create. Whatever you are needs are, from branded cans, tin packaging, money boxes and collection tins, to promotions and promotional ideas, desk-drops, plant-cans and canned-air, Can It has the solution for you and your brand.

Rectangular Tins South Africa:

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Rectangular Tin Boxes:

With a customized tin box, you can make sure your branded message lasts long after the product inside has been used or consumed. Browse our range of rectangular tin packaging containers, perfect for packaging a variety of items including gifts, t-shirts, coffee, sweets and promotional products.


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