Sadaqah Boxes

Sadaqah Boxes

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Sadaqah BoxesCharity in the Quran

Muhammad said in a hadith that sadaqa removes seventy gates of evil

According to the Quran, the word Sadaqah means voluntary offering, whose amount is at the will of the “benefactor”. Related words are used to indicate “moral excellence”, such as al-siddiq (truthful), used to describe the prophet Joseph, or sadiq (trusted friend).

Kind words and “compassion” are better than sadaqa accompanied by “insult”, from the viewpoint of Quran, and it is better for the donations to be offered “discreetly” to those in need rather than doing it in public in order to be acknowledged by them.

The Quran also criticizes donating aimed at appearing generous or compromising the value of sadaqa by “ostentatious public behavior” done just to “render a normally charitable act purely self-serving.” Quran suggests that sadaqa is not meant only to support the poor, but also can be donated to others who “were not visibly in need” and also who either needed assistance to enhance their life or required to be directed towards new jobs and “economic opportunities”

The word is interchangeably used with Zakat and Nafaqa in some occasions, however, while zakat is obligatory, Sadaqa usually refers to voluntary donations.

Can It’s collection tins or Sadaqah boxes, at till-points, provide the ideal opportunity for individuals to discreetly and voluntarily donate to unknown recipients, without getting anything in return and also provide the means for charities to collect money without having to ask or pressure anyone.