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The packaging of your product in square metal tins is a lasting and important component of your marketing message. Specialty packaging impacts on the fundamental interaction between your customer and your brand – on the store shelf, where the shape, color and design of your custom packaging may determine whether or not the consumer puts your product in their shopping cart.

This ‘keep-ability’ and reuse factor follows on from the initial appeal of a good looking tin that helps to give brands the wow factor they need to get noticed, extending the visibility of a product long after it has been bought.

The Can It team understands the importance of packaging and the value it brings to your brand. Ours is a business built on a background in engineering, an understanding of manufacturing and a keen eye for detail. We have assisted thousands of corporate entities with branded tin packagingcanned corporate giftsointment tinscanistersmint tinsbranded chocolates and more.

Can It’s cans and tins are by far the leading products for retention value, brand recognition and are never thrown away. They are re-used over and over, and over and over. They are re-used in our homes and in our offices, constantly driving your message and branding through, into our minds and into our hearts.

So don’t make the mistake of investing in a promotion or a campaign that will be thrown away. Instead, put yourself on the list of companies that have successfully run a Can It campaign.



Need A Custom Label or Contents?

Our tins come in a variety of sizes and serve an assortment of purposes. We can fill your tin boxes with mints, sweets, corporate gifts or anything you desire – alternatively, you can fill them yourselves. Available in various sizes, branded or silver, empty or filled. Impress, Intrigue and Delight your clients, coworkers and friends with Can It’s custom tin packaging.

Square Metal Tins


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