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Sealed Tin Cans with your Custom Contents for promotions, advertising, product launches, corporate gifting & more!

As a leading Tin Can Supplier, we also offer a sealing service whereby you supply your own custom products or gifts to us, and we package and seal the supplied contents inside tin cans. Almost Any Contents & Quantity!

We have various size cans and type closures available. Small order quantities are welcomed. Unique, Original and Innovative Packaging for your product launch or promotion. 

This type of packaging is a novelty and your clients will be impressed to receive such a uniquely packaged corporate gift. We understand the importance of packaging at Can It and the value it brings to your brand. Ours is a business built on a background in engineering, an understanding of manufacturing and a keen eye for detail.

In addition to being the leading Tin Can Suppliers, we also have many different size and shape tin boxes that don’t require any sealing, to read more about our Tin Box Containers click here: Metal Tin Boxes

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Tin Can Supplier South Africa

Tin Supplier South Africa

Buy your Food Cans directly from the leading Tin Can Suppliers in South Africa

Tin Packaging ensures your name is in front of your customer and on their mind long after the contents have been unpacked. The Can is your best form of subliminal advertising. The Can It team has assisted thousands of corporate entities with promotional tin packaging, canned corporate gifts, ointment tinscanistersmint tinsbranded chocolatecustom tins and more.

A branded tin can or metal tin box, is never thrown away, your clients will always keep it, as a sentimental token of your care and concern for them. Tin Cans are useful once opened and constantly driving your message and branding through, subliminally displaying your brand wherever found.

Whether they keep it in their offices as a stationery holder on their desks, or at home to re-use in the kitchen or bathroom, no other packaging offers better retention value and brand recognition than a branded can that is also


Need A Custom Label or Contents?

Our tins come in a variety of sizes and serve an assortment of purposes. We can fill your metal tin cans with mints, sweets, corporate gifts or anything you desire – alternatively, you can fill them yourselves. Available in various sizes, branded or silver, empty or filled, sealed or unsealed. Impress, Intrigue and Delight your clients, coworkers and friends with Can It’s custom tin packaging.

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Check out our vast range of Metal Food Cans and Custom Tin Cans:

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Can It South Africa is a leading food tin manufacturer and Canning Company offering a service whereby you can have your products and gifts canned and sealed inside tin cans. Our canning service is available on small and high quantities. You can have whatever you want sealed inside, with your chosen closure, and custom branding on the outside. It is Your Can, Your Contents and Your Canned Communication Tool! Contact Can It to have your products sealed and canned inside tin cans.

Tin Can Supplier

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  1. Choose the tin can size that you need (Sizes);
  2. Choose the tin can closure type that you need (Peel-Off, Plain End or Pull-Ring);
  3. Design your tin can label, or we can design it for you (Printed Options);
  4. Can It packages your product inside the tin cans (Custom Contents);
  5. Can It seals the tin cans with your chosen tin can closure (Sealed Cans);
  6. Can It designs, brands and prints your tin cans (Design Process)
  7. Finished tin cans get boxed (Packaging into Boxes);
  8. Tin Cans are delivered to your door. Impress, Intrigue and Delight even your toughest clients!
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Tin Can Supplier South Africa

Read about the canning process. We’re able to seal your products and gifts inside a Tin Can!

Buy your Tin Cans and Food Cans from the leading Metal Tin Can Supplier and Tin Can Manufacturer in South Africa. We supply raw and finished (sealed) tins, printed or plain, with various different tin can lids and closures. Choose from the largest range of tin can sizes, or check out our Tin Gift Boxes, which do not require any sealing.

Our complete array of food packaging products – from steel tins and aluminum cans to other types of metal tin boxes – make us the number-one metal can manufacturer. Customized Tin Cans add significant value to almost any product, through tasteful and unique packaging. Get in touch with the Tin Can Manufacturing Experts here at Can It – Tin Can Suppliers South Africa – for all your promotional product packaging needs.

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