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How to Package my product? Here’s how. Simply use Can It. We specialise in effective and cost-effective tin packaging for  promotions, corporate gifting, packaging your products and more. Our vast range of sizes, branding options and 25 years of experience means that you will be in the best of  hands. We understand the entire industry, and will guide you to the finish line.

“Things do not pass for what they are, but for what they seem. Most things are judged by their jackets.”

Contact Can It for all your Product Packaging needs. Why? 

We’ve already outlined the benefits of tin packaging in another article, here we want to point out that we are the Leading and most innovative tin packaging company in SA.

Contact Can It for all your Promotional Product needs. Why?

We are South Africa’s Promotional Gifting Superhero. We’ve worked closely with the leading Corporate brands of nearly every industry. Check out our Promotional Products.

Tin Packaging: How to beautifully package your product

Tin Packaging is simply awesome for packaging your products and gifts. We love this method of packaging and so should you. Get in touch or click here!

So… Here’s our STEP-BY-STEP List. How to package your product using Tin Packaging:

  1. Before you even get started, you need to make sure that Tin Packaging is the right option for you. Read this: Why use tin packaging? if you’re unsure whether TINS are the right choice.
  2. Now that we’ve established that TINS are right for you through Step 1, its important to decide what TYPE of tin is right for you. To see more about what kinds of tins we supply, you should check out: Our Portfolio. There are various types of tin packaging: tin cans, tin boxes, paint tins, food cans, ointment tins, window tins, paraffin tins and more. 
  3. Once you’ve decided what type of Tin Packaging will work best, you need to decide on the size of the container. 
  4. Next would be to choose a professional branding method for your tins, which can be done here: Our FAQ
  5.  Receive a quote, and follow the Can It process as outlined here: How it Works
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Tin Packaging: