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Wine Tins

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Branded Wine Tins for Packaging Wine and Whiskey

Custom printed wine tins are a great and lasting way to showcase your love and appreciation to your valued customers. Branded wine tins are used in South-Africa for promotions, executive functions, corporate gifts, Christmas gifts and handouts among many other uses.

Create Intrigue with Custom Wine Packaging

Even the most ornate cardboard package will be discarded once the product inside is used. But your custom tin packaging, with your company logo and unique design, will be kept around for years and your custom tin boxes will look brand new without any loss in colour years from now. Can It’s tin boxes are not only very attractive at first sight but are also likely to become a keepsake or collectable item – or at the very least a storage compartment for what have you!



Keep in Mind…

All our products are completely customizable, available in various sizes, branded or plain. For promotions, we’re able to source and brand the contents/product you would like to package. We also provide different branding and print options to choose from. We’re the Ultimate One-Stop-Shop for all your tin packaging requirements. We’ve been crafting beautiful tins for over 2 decades. What are you waiting for? Contact us today… We would absolutely love to hear from you. Our dedicated team are on hand to guide you in creating a successful promotion.

Branded Wine Tins

Add a Personal Touch to make it EXTRA special

As a value-added service, we can provide your company with customized wine bottles with your custom branding, logo and message. A Personalized wine bottle, packaged in a beautifully branded wine tin and used as a corporate gift will promote the idea that your company cares, and appreciates customer loyalty. Moreover, the printed wine tin is never thrown away, your clients will always keep it, as a sentimental token of your care and concern for them.

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Branded Wine Tins

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Promotional Wine Tins

Promotional Wine Tins for Events

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    Countless charitable causes are sustained by, and earn their bread and butter through, distributing custom branded money boxes and collection tins that we manufacture at Can It.  Our network of money boxes and collection tins enables millions of people to “pay it forward” every day, at till points worldwide. Our network supports all different kinds of humanitarian causes including orphans and disadvantaged children, education and people in general need of assistance.