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Biscuit tins and cookie tins, customized or personalized, with your unique artwork and logo will leave a lasting impression. This is because tins are kept, and reused. Over and Over. Subliminally displaying your brand, each time your biscuit tin is reused. Even the most ornate cardboard or plastic packaging does not offer nearly the amount of brand retention than a perfectly branded biscuit tin box.

Widely used by corporate companies as Promotional Biscuit Tins, and others for packaging literally almost anything – our tins are seen by South-African’s every single day.


We specialize in the manufacturing and supply of printed tin boxes that turn heads, beg to be touched and held, that increase perceived value and clearly set your product, in its custom tin packaging, apart from the competition.


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Biscuit Tins South Africa

Personalised Biscuit Tins

Biscuit Tins for Sale South Africa

We are proudly the leading tin can manufacturer and biscuit tin supplier in South Africa. Buy your Personalized Biscuit Tins and Customized Cookie Tins directly from the manufacturer! Our Tins are available empty or filled with delicious biscuits and chocolate chip cookies. Printed or plain, various sizes!

We are tin manufacturers and suppliers of various different tins, cans and metal containers. Our Tins can be customized with your branding and logo. We offer various different branding methods, from embossing and debossing, to direct print, gloss and matt after-prints. Get in touch with the Tin Packaging experts here at Can It to find out what’s the best option for you.

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Biscuit Tins for Sale

Biscuit Tins for Sale South Africa

Biscuit Tin South Africa
Biscuit Tin

Branded Biscuit Tins

Personalised Biscuit Tins South Africa

Biscuit tins are promotional tin containers used to package, promote and sell biscuits, cookies and other confectionery. Hugely popular, these tins can be found worldwide. The tins are reused and kept by households throughout South Aftrica, the United Kingdom, other commonwealth countries and continental Europe. Cookie Tins gained popularity in the United States and Canada later in the 20th century.

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There are many different Types of Tins and various Uses for Tins. Read more about what people do with our tins, tin cans and tin containers via our blog page. Get inspired with creative corporate gifts, corporate gift ideas, golf gifts and custom gifts which we manufactured and supplied at Can It. Alternatively, navigate our Tin Packaging FAQ-Wikipedia Page or get in touch with us!

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