Window Tins South Africa

Window Tins South Africa

Window Tins for Packaging, Promotions & Launches

Showcase your product in a beautiful coloured or plain silver display tin, which can be branded with your logo to optimize brand retention. These tins are awesome for displaying products, promoting brands and new product launches. Whether you plan on using it as a Jewellery Box, Mint Tin, Cosmetic Container or to simply package your own product in a unique and innovative way; Can It’s display tins are the perfect match to your gift packaging or promotion.

Virtually unbreakable and forever useful and reusable, Can Its Tins will carry your message and branding across for years to come. Showcase your love with the perfect gift packaging or display your product elegantly… Get in touch with us to get your own custom tins today.


Good to Know…

All of our tin packaging options are available branded or plain. Also, take note that our pricing per unit is calculated based on the total number of tins you are ordering. Please let us know the quantity, size and whether you need them plain or branded so we can issue a formal quotation for your perusal. We are also able to custom manufacture almost any type of tin container on minimum quantities of 5000 to 500 000 units, depending on the size and requirements. Get in touch with the experts here at Can It.

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Why use Can It for your Promotional Window Tins?

Here are a few reasons for choosing Can It as your Window Tin Supplier:

So by now, you should be asking yourself- why should I be using Can It for my Promotional Display Tins? You probably found us via our Facebook Page, by Searching Branded Display Tins or something similar on Google or maybe you knew us by name (we’ve traded over 25 years)… Now you may have found us, so get ready to INTRIGUE, IMPRESS AND DELIGHT YOUR CLIENTS. We made our introduction and you now want to know why you should use us.

While you think about that, also think about this;

Have you ever wondered how to increase your brand retention when launching your company promotions? How to increase your Return on Investment (ROI) when you are spending on Corporate Gifts? Or maybe you’ve been thinking… How can I make a bold impression with my new product?  These are questions that every marketing professional and product development team should be asking… & we have the answers you need.

Your packaging matters. It matters a lot. Really.

The packaging of your product will determine whether the consumer puts it in his trolley or leaves on the shelf. The packaging of your gifts will determine the return on investment. There is nothing more important than packaging your products in a memorable way, and we’re here to help you with that.

Don’t buy cheap-looking, rubbish plastic containers, tubs and corrugated boxes. They are thrown away straight after use if they are even used at all. Your client throws it away as soon as the product has been emptied out. Tins are different. They are long lasting, strong and robust. They look beautiful and feel good. They are forever useful and reusable. They stand out. They are kept, and reused over and over – constantly driving your message and branding through… into the minds and hearts of consumers.

By now, we’ve established that tins, tin containers and metal boxes are the best forms of packaging. Tin packaging trumps all other packaging methods, and we’re confident of this fact.

Now, let’s get back to Why you should use Can It for your Window Tins:

  • Large Range. Our tin packaging range is one of the largest in Southern Africa, this ensures you have all the viable options under one roof. We supply Good quality tin containers in various shapes, sizes and colours – which are available plain or branded.

  • Branding on Tins. Why would you want to buy boring, plain tins when you can have your tins custom branded by professionals? Our Branding Services are available on small-scale and large quantities. Don’t leave out the most important part of packaging – YOUR BRANDING. We provide printed tins which turn heads and beg to be touched and held.

  • Perfect for displaying your product. These tins are awesome for displaying your products and gifts in an elegant or sophisticated way. Widely used as jewellery boxes, cosmetic containers and gift tins, our ‘Display Tins’ are the perfect match to almost any product launch or promotion.

  • Cost-Effective on Bulk Quantities. Stop thinking plastic is cheaper, sometimes it’s not. Our metal jewellery boxes and tin containers are used across various industries as a practical and cost-efficient packaging method.

  • We manufacture… and, you can buy directly from us. Deal directly with the manufacturer – cut out the middle man – save on cost and receive the same awesome service. Alternatively, if you’re a reseller; let us know – we could help with special pricing.


We are the Leading Supplier of Window Tins in South Africa

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About Can It’s Metal Window Tins

Our display tins can be branded with a clear biaxially-oriented film over the perspex window, direct printing (large orders), embossing, debossing, film branding on the sides, metallic print and more. We provide all of these branding services so that you can get your finalized tin boxes from under one roof.  We specialize in robust and strong, practical and cost-effective packaging for products, gifts, promotional products and more.

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