Branded Cans

Branded Cans for Packaging Gifts and Products in South Africa

Branded CansBranded Tin Cans

Branded Cans for Packaging your gifts and promotional products. We’ve manufactured and supplied branded cans for over 25 years. Buy your own personalized tin food cans with your custom contents packaged and sealed inside. Our Tin Cans are available printed or plain and come in various sizes.

Custom Sealed Tin Cans

Branded Cans with Your Custom Contents Sealed Inside. We manufacture and supply canned gifts and gift cans for packaging and promotional purposes.

Filled with your chosen contents, sealed with a Tin Can Closure and Branded with your Custom Artwork

  1. Choose the can size that you need
  2. Choose the closure type that you need (Peel-Off, Plain End or Pull-Ring)
  3. Design your label, or we can design it for you

Sealed Tin Cans

Sealed Tin Cans with your contents packaged and sealed inside. Supply your contents to us for sealing in tin cans. Whether it be gifts, food, coffee or cosmetic products – we can seal it inside tin cans for you and in addition, brand the cans with your custom label. This type of packaging is a novelty and your clients will be impressed to receive such a uniquely packaged corporate gift.

Our dedicated and experienced team are on hand to guide you in creating a successful and effective packaging solution for your product or promotion.

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Branded Tin Cans

Branded Tin Cans South Africa

Branded Cans are widely used by corporate companies and promotional agencies for packaging, gifting and product launches. We manufacture and supply branded cans in South Africa and have been doing so for over 25 years! Get in touch to Experience the Magic of Custom Cans!

Branded Tin Cans South Africa
Branded Cans South Africa

Branded Cans South Africa

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Custom Cans

Branded Cans for Sale South Africa


Can It South Africa is a leading Tin Can Manufacturer and Money Box Supplier

Custom Cans, with your promotional or food product packaged (and sealed) inside, along with a striking graphic design will add value to your product and demand attention. If shelf-appeal and shelf-stability are important to you, consider Branded Tins! Also, consider reading about our Canning Process, to find out exactly how it works.

We manufacture and supply Tin Cans, Tin Boxes, Money Tins, and other Tin Packaging products.

Custom Branded Cans