Project Description

Round Metal Coffee Tin Cans

A6-XL Round Metal Tin Can – Sealed or Unsealed – Filled or Empty – Size: 99 x 180 mm


Can It offers a canning service whereby you supply your own custom contents or product to us- whether it be coffee, corporate gifts, t-shirts, jelly beans or food- we CAN seal it inside tin cans and brand the tins with your custom artwork.

Can It is a tin manufacturer and tin can supplier to retailers, wholesalers, the tin packaging industry, as well as the promotional and corporate gifting industries.

We have assisted thousands of corporate entities with custom tin packagingcanned corporate giftsointment tinscanistersmint tins, branded chocolates and more. Our team has the experience and dedication to guide you to the best promotional and packaging solution. Our services are all inclusive from beginning to end, supplying both branded and unbranded cans and canisters, with or without your product inside.

Height 180 mm
Diameter 99 mm
Code A6-XL
Min Quantity 10 000 units

    Do you want Can It to supply contents?

    Do you want Can It to design a custom label for you?

    Do you want Can It to deliver to you?

    Ordering Process: 

    Request a Quote with your requirements – What Quantity do you require? Branded or Unbranded? What Size do you require? Delivery or Collection in Johannesburg? If Delivery, please provide your location. Please note: Our pricing changes based on the order quantity.

    Design and Branding:

    A branded can or canister, is never thrown away, your clients will always keep it, as a sentimental token of your care and concern for them. Whether they keep it in their offices as a stationery holder on their desks, or at home to re-use in the kitchen or bathroom, no other packaging offers better retention value and brand recognition than a branded can that is also useful once opened and constantly driving your message and branding through, subliminally displaying your brand wherever our cans are found.

    Delivery and/or Shipping:

    Our dedicated and experienced team are on hand to guide you in creating a successful and effective packaging plan for your product or promotion. We are able to quote DDP terms, meaning we are responsible for all Packaging, VAT, Taxes, Customs, Shipping and delivery to your premise. We are able to deliver to your required (and often times complicated) distribution list, including complete logistic management and courier of the end product to end user. One invoice, no fuss – contact us now!

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