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No campaign requires greater emphasis and effective marketing than a government or corporate promotion or awareness campaign.

A brand has become successful when it has become a household name. When you think MTN you think yellow. When you think flowers you think Netflorist. To become a household name you have to be on people’s minds constantly. By giving a product or gift that puts you on people’s minds everywhere and always, you become a household name.

Can It Cans are never thrown away. They are re-used over and over, and over and over. They are re-used in our homes and in our offices, constantly driving your message and branding through, into our minds and into our hearts. If WE can, why don’t YOU?

Sizes Over 70!
Branding Plain or Branded
Contents Customisable
Min Quantity 50 units

    Do you want Can It to supply contents?

    Do you want Can It to design a custom label for you?

    Do you want Can It to deliver to you?

    Our vast range of tin boxes, ointment tins, tin cans and money boxes are available printed or unprinted, worldwide. We offer various different branding and packing services too.

    • Conference Items
    • Promotional Products
    • Clothing
    • Consumables
    • Other
    • Conference Tins
    • Promotional Tin Packaging
    • Corporate Conference Kits
    • Event Gifts
    • Custom Canned Products
    • Sealed Tin Cans
    • Canning Service

    Metal Tin Gift Boxes South Africa

    Tin Can Manufacturer South Africa

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    Can It – Johannesburg, South Africa

    Tel: +27(0)-10-035-3970


    Why Choose Can It?

    • Branded tins and cans offer great retention value and brand recognition

    • Intrigue and impress even your toughest clients

    • There is no limit to what you can put inside or outside of the tin can

    • Effective and useful communication tools

    Your can, your contents, your brand and your message!

    Contact us on +27 (0)87 700 8848 or email for a speedy response.

    Why use Tin Packaging?