Project Description

Metal donation boxes

Available branded or unbranded, The Can It Collection tin is the exciting and intriguing novelty we all loved as kids and all use as adults and corporates to promote our brands and to teach about charity and giving.


Various Sizes Available – Branded or Plain (Silver) – With or Without Security Chain attached. Money tins provide an effortless way for people and organisations to generate a passive income that covers their expenses at the least. It also gives people the option to donate to a good cause without being pressured by being asked if they would like to donate, as with some programs where tellers ask customers if they would like to make a donation.

Diameter 73 mm
Height 111 mm
Code MB-A2
Min Quantity 144 Units

    Do you want Can It to supply contents?

    Do you want Can It to design a custom label for you?

    Do you want Can It to deliver to you?

    Ordering Process: Request a Quote with your requirements – What Quantity do you require? Branded or Unbranded? What Size do you require? With or Without Security Chain? Please note: Our pricing changes based on the order quantity.

    Design and Branding: With years of experience and know-how, Can It will collaborate with you to create a visually engaging tin which meet your requirements and campaign-needs, increasing your brand recognition and boosting your product promotion. We specialize in the manufacturing and supply of tins that turn heads, beg to be touched and held, that increase perceived value and clearly set your product, in its custom tin packaging, apart from the competition.

    Delivery and/or Shipping: We can deliver to your doorstep. Can It plays a unique role in the Crowd-Funding and charity industries, as the distribution of branded money boxes and collection tins began with us in 1994, at the dawn of democracy in South Africa, when Can It began as a manufacturer and supplier of just money boxes and collection tins. Since then we have grown our customer base throughout South Africa and we now have customers in Australia, Mozambique, Botswana, Tanzania and Namibia.

    • Crowdfundraising
    • Marketing & Promotions
    • Raising Money for Charity
    • Raising Money for Religious Institutions
    • Educational Tool