Gift Cans South Africa

Gift Canning is the process of having your gifts sealed in cans. You supply the contents & we do the rest!

Gift Cans South Africa
Gift Cans South Africa

Get your Promotional Gift Cans and Tin Gift Boxes directly from us. We have made millions of gift cans over the past 25 years! Get in touch with Can It today to have YOUR OWN custom products and gifts sealed in cans.

Gift Tins South Africa

Gift Cans

Our Gift Cans are not only unique, unusual and creative, but also cost-effective, practical and beautiful

Gift Cans” are Metal Tin Cans that have YOUR custom gifts or product sealed inside. You supply your contents to Can It, and we package and seal your supplied contents and gifts inside tin cans, with metal Peel-Off, Plain-End or Pull-Ring lids for tin cans. Can It manufactures various different Tin Can sizes and also provides the Sealing/Canning service, as well as printing and delivery of your Gift Cans.

Almost Any Contents and Any Quantity

Your Can, Your Contents and Your Canned Communication Tool!

Gifts Sealed in a Tin Can

Gift Cans
Promotional Gift Tins

Can It has assisted thousands of corporate entities with promotional tin packaging, canned corporate gifts, ointment tins, canisters, mint tins, branded chocolates, food cans, tin boxes and more. We manufacture and supply custom canned gifts and novelty items for promotions, functions, events, parties, marketing and advertising. Contact us to have your own gifts sealed inside tin cans!

Gifts in Tins South Africa

Golf Gifts Sealed in a Tin

Golf Gifts South Africa

The ideal kit for golf days, fun days, personal gifts and promotions.

As with all our corporate gift products, the contents are customizable as is the branding. Get your message across with a complete corporate golf pack comprising gifts and its handy promotional packaging that will be used over and over.


Corporate Golf Gifts

Golf Kits

Golf Hampers

Custom Branded Golf Gifts

Promotional Golf Products

Promotional Golf Products

Executive Gifts

Promotional Golf Packs South Africa
Golf Corporate Gift Hampers
First Aid Tin Cans
Custom First Aid Tin Box
Branded Tin Cans South Africa

First Aid Tins

Promotional First Aid Kits

Some people believe you have to have a BMW to have a first aid kit in your car.

At Can It we have a wide variety of Fully Branded MediCans to choose from, which can be filled with all the first aid kit and medical accessories you require, from latex gloves and gauze, to burn shields and panado tablets.

For household, office, driver and corporate use, the Medican is a useful and valuable tool to keep you safe, promote your brand and drive your message home.

If we CAN, why don’t you?


First Aid Kits

Corporate Emergency Kits

First Aid Tins

Corporate Medical Kits

Medical Tins

Medical Aid Gifts

Custom Branded First Aid Kits

Survival Tins

Corporate Gifts Sealed in Tins

Gift Canning

No campaign requires greater emphasis and effective marketing than a government or corporate promotion or awareness campaign.

A brand has become successful when it has become a household name. When you think MTN you think yellow. When you think flowers you think Netflorist. To become a household name you have to be on people’s minds constantly. By giving a product or gift that puts you on people’s minds everywhere and always, you become a household name.

Can It Cans are never thrown away. They are re-used over and over, and over and over. In our homes and in our offices, constantly driving your message and branding through, into our minds and into our hearts.


Conference Tins

Promotional Tin Packaging

Promotional Tin Packaging

Corporate Conference Kits

Event Gifts

Custom Canned Products

Sealed Tin Cans

Canning Service

Gift CansShirt in a Sealed Tin Can branded with your custom artwork
Calendar CansSweets in a Tin

Desk Drop Tins

Promotional Desk Drops

How often do we forget what day it is- Birthdays, Anniversaries, Meetings and important events?

A CalendarCan on your desk, used for pens, small change and other items is the ideal reminder- both of your important dates as well as the message put across on the branding. The Can It CalendarCan is the ideal tool for effective and useful communication.

Highlight your dates as well as your company! If we CAN, why don’t You?


Deskdrop Tins

Calendar Gifts

Corporate Gifts

Promotional Calendar

Birthday Gift Tins

Birthday Gifts Sealed in Tin Cans

Who more could appreciate the novelty and creativity of Can It’s innovative packaging solutions, than children?

A tin, filled with Birthday Goodies – toys, sweets, tattoos, stickers, bubbles – sealed with a child-safe Peel-Off lid and branded full-colour with the Birthday Theme. Be sure to make all the other moms jealous, contact us in advance now.


Birthday Cans

Creative Birthday Ideas

Event Invitations

Lucky Dips

Lunch TinsCustom Birthday Tins
7301551 - fresh herbs in recycled tin cans with pestle and mortar in the kitchenPlant Corporate Gifts

Plant Tins South Africa

Plant Cans

Searching for a new environment friendly corporate gift? We’ve got just that!

The Can It GreenCan is filled with odourless mineral soil and flower seeds, sealed with a metal pull-ring lid and plastic cap, and branded with your custom label.

Simply peel the pull-ring lid, place the plastic cap underneath and water 2-3 tablespoons daily to find a beautifully bloomed Flower Tin displaying your logo on your desk.


Plant Cans

Canned Plants

Plant in a tin

Environment Friendly Gifts

Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts

Can It – Making Spaces
and Healthier

Branded Gift Cans

Gift Canning

Gift Tins

Intrigue, Impress and Delight with our Gift Cans

Collection Tins

Money Tins

With corporate social investment becoming more strategically focused, it makes sense for businesses to align their corporate social investment spend in such a way that it represents your company values correctly, markets your brand, and impacts the community positively as much as possible.

The Can It Money Box does just that.

  1. Your Logo, prominently branded around the tin, is a valuable marketing tool.
  1. Your Company Values and Imperatives will be on the label, becoming ever-more clear to the public.
  1. Money boxes distributed wisely will prove a ROI of over 1000%. Your CSI will blow through the roof without needing to increase actual spend.

Such an approach moves CSI out of the charitable sphere into one in which true partnerships with beneficiaries, government and NGOs bring about long-term sustainable development to the benefit of all.


Money Cans

Donation Tins

Charity Cans

Metal Piggy Bank Tin Cans

Mcdonalds Money TinDonation Cans
Valentines Day Promotional GiftsTeddy in a Can

Teddy Tins

Teddy Gift Tins

Fluffy and Cute. That’s one sure way to sell your brand.

Can It’s TeddyTin is a tin can, branded with your logo. Sealed inside, is a gorgeous teddy bear (which can be branded with your logo too). Various teddies and size cans available.


Teddy Bear Tins

Teddy in Tin Can

Teddy Cans

Teddy Bear corporate gifts

Gifts in a Tin Can

Gift Containers
Gift Tins South Africa

See you next time! Keep reading for more creative corporate gifts and gift ideas.


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