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Gifts in Tins will leave a lasting impression, because the tins are kept and reused. Package your corporate gifts and promotional products inside gift tins. By giving a product or gift that puts you on people’s minds everywhere and always, you become a household name. Can It’s cans and tins are by far the leading products for retention value, brand recognition and are never thrown away. They are re-used over and over, and over and over.

They are re-used in our homes and in our offices, constantly driving your message and branding through, into our minds and into our hearts.

Gifts in a Tin
Gift Tins South Africa

Gifts in a Tin

Gifts in a Tin Can

So don’t make the mistake of investing in a promotion or a campaign that will be thrown away. Instead, put yourself on the list of companies that have successfully run a Can It campaign.

This ‘keep-ability’ and reuse factor follows on from the initial appeal of a good looking tin that helps to give brands the wow factor they need to get noticed, extending the visibility of a product long after it has been bought.

Even the most ornate cardboard package will be discarded once the product inside is used. But your custom tin packaging, with your company logo and unique design, will be kept around for years!

Promotional TinDid you know?

Gift Tins are Metal Tin Containers used to package gifts and promotional products. Available in various sizes, shapes and printed options, these tins are widely used by corporate to package their gifts. Companies also use Gift Tins to promote their brands and Retailers use them too, for product launches.

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Promotional Tins
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Experience the Magic

Independent and founded in 1994, we are a safe pair of hands when it comes to crafting beautiful tin packaging out of tinplate. As a promotional and packaging novelty, let Can It seal your product, contents or gifts inside tin cans – with your company logo and design branded onto the tin.

Canned Gifts

Whatever you are needs are, from branded cans, can packaging, tin packaging, money boxes and collection tins, to promotions and promotional ideas, desk-drops, plant-cans and canned-air, Can It has the solution for you and your brand. Lightweight and adaptable, the tinplate we use to manufacture bespoke tins is easily moulded to best suit the contents, yet robust enough to provide protection.

Just as the packaging of an email determines if you open it or not, so too does the packaging of your corporate gifts and promotions determine the return on your investment. Plastic bags, plastic containers, cardboard and paper may be cheap, but they are also thrown away immediately after use, if they are even used at all. Your client throws it away as soon as they have emptied it.