Browse our vast range of different tin boxes, tin cans and tin containers to find the perfect tin for your product or promotion. We have various ready-made tin box shapes and sizes and if you’re needing a custom-size tin container, then we can help with that too. As a leading tin supplier in South Africa, we are able to custom manufacture to your specific size and requirements.

Tin Boxes for Sale

Our range of quality Metal Tin Boxes and Tin Gift Boxes are for Sale throughout South Africa

Tin Boxes South Africa

Your tins and tin boxes can be ordered printed with your custom branding, or plain silver. We provide various different branding options and also service the whole of Southern Africa with speedy delivery and awesome graphic design of your artwork.

Unlike Aluminium Tins, sometimes erroneously referred to as a “tin can” which are containers made primarily for packaging beverages, Our tin boxes are made from tin-plated mild-steel metal, comprising primarily of steel with a very thin tin coating.

We may call them “tin boxes” but others sometimes refer to these as “tins”, “tin containers” or even, “gift tins”. Our tin boxes have hinged or removable lids (slip lid covers). After the tins have been printed with your design and artwork, they are so beautiful and irresistible that some people will collect them as a hobby.

Make your clients Smile this year with our tin packaging products, tin gift boxes, branded cans and gift tins.

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There are many reasons of why you should use tin packaging, but keep in mind the following quick notes; not only do our tins protect the product during transit from the manufacturer to the retailer, but they also prevent damage while the product sits on retail shelves. Furthermore,  your packaging demonstrates your Brand Identity – reminding consumers about the brand and the products offered. Packaging is one of the key tools in defining and sharing brand identity. Tins will ensure your products get noticed, bought and kept.

Tin Boxes for Sale South Africa

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Promotional TinExperience the Magic

Tin Boxes are used widely by corporate companies to promote their brands. Others use them for packaging retail products, promotional gifting, and product launches. Whatever you plan on using them for, tin boxes will leave a lasting impression as it is an item that people will keep. Unlike other product packaging methods such as cardboard and plastics, tin boxes are more often kept than discarded.

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