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Intrigue, Impress and Delight your clients with our Promotional Mint Tins, used for promotions, functions & company events.

Promotional Mints are used by corporate companies, banks, insurers and marketers to hand out to potential or existing clients, as well as for staff gifting and promotional drives. Virtually unbreakable and forever useful and reusable, Can Its Promotional Mints will carry your message and branding across for years to come.

Available in various sizes, branded or plain, filled or empty. Our Mint Tins are made out of sheet metal and can be customized with your logo and branding. We’ve manufactured and supplied Promotional Mints and Mints in Tins for over 25 years! Get in touch with us to get yours today.

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About our Promotional Mints in a Tin

We offer two standard options: Filled with Standard Mints (Budget-Friendly) or Filled with Tic-Tacs (Executive Gift). Our tins come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We’re able to brand and print the tins with your custom artwork and logo, alternatively, you could purchase them plain (unbranded). Various branding options are available, based on your quantities. Our Promotional Mints are packaged in a more unique and distinctive way. We don’t supply cheap-looking plastic containers.

Mints in a Tin for Promotions & Corporate Gifts

Our Mints in a Tin Examples:

When ordering your Mint Tins, Keep in Mind…

We’ve assisted thousands of companies with branded tins and tin packaging. We have unique options to choose from and all our products are completely customizable, as is the contents and branding. We will require the following information to process a quote for you. 1) What type of mint do you require?  2) What size tin do you require? 3) Do you require branding? 4) Please supply your company information

Promotional Mint Tins

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Why use Can It for your Promotional Mints?

Don’t be another brick in the wall… instead, use Can It to stand out with your promotions!

Our Promotional Mint Tins are a breath of fresh air to the art of marketing. You probably found us looking for Promotional Mints, Branded Mint Tins or something similar on Google, one of our Exhibitions, our Facebook Page or maybe you just knew us by name (we’ve traded over 25 years). Well, you found us… Now get ready to intrigue, impress and delight your clients and staff. We made our introduction and you now want to know why you should use us. Let’s get right to it.

Ever wondered why most product promotions are done with tins? Bakers, Five Roses, Sun International, Skip, Sunlight and others always launch their limited edition promotions in printed tins and cans. This is their product of choice because it is an item that people keep and re-use over and over, for many years.

We are South Africa’s Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Metal Mint Tins

There are many variants of this unique promotional product but ours trumps all. Why? It’s quite simple. Cardboard gets thrown away and provides little brand retention. Plastic looks and feels cheap. Thus, Metal wins. See… Brief and Simple – Tins are by far the better choice for packaging Mints and our lengthy list of happy clients proves it. Our Mint Tins are used for different purposes, such as promotions, conferences, company events, weddings and corporate gifting campaigns.

But let’s get back to why you should use Can It for your Promotional Mints;

  • Promotional Mints are perfect as a Conference Gift or Wedding Favour. Intrigue others and leave a lasting impression with Promotional Mint Tins from Can It.

  • Our Promotional Mints are packaged in Tins – offering robust protection and longer brand retention than other packaging methods.

  • Promotional Mints are budget-friendly on bulk quantities. Your clients are tired of receiving boring and thoughtless corporate gifts. Our Mint Tins are almost as cost-effective as a branded pen or lanyard.

  • Our tins are forever useful, and reusable after the mints have been consumed. Your brand will be carried around and be seen every day by your gift recipients.

  • As with all our products, the tins and their contents are completely customizable and can be printed/branded with your company logo and custom artwork.

  • Sophisticated & Classy Mint Containers made out of sheet metal. We don’t supply cheap-looking and boring plastic tubes. Our mint tins are by far the better choice for promotions and corporate gifting campaigns.

We’ve manufactured and supplied promotional products for over 25 years. That’s right – Over 25 Years! There’s a reason our clients love us and our unique promotional gifts. Get in touch with us.