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Biscuit Tins South Africa's leading supplier of Biscuit Tins & Cookie Tins

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Biscuit Tins South Africa Manufacturers and Suppliers of Branded Biscuit Tins in South Africa We are a manufacturer and supplier of Branded Biscuit Tins and Printed Cookie Tins Biscuit tins and cookie tins, customized or personalized, with your unique artwork and logo will leave a lasting impression. This is because tins are kept, and reused. Over and Over. Subliminally displaying your brand, each time your biscuit tin is reused. Even the most ornate cardboard or plastic packaging does [...]

Gift Cans Unique, Unusual & Creative Corporate Promo Gifts

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Gift Cans South Africa Gift Canning is the process of having your gifts sealed in cans. You supply the contents & we do the rest! Get your Promotional Gift Cans and Tin Gift Boxes directly from us. We have made millions of gift cans over the past 25 years! Get in touch with Can It today to have YOUR OWN custom products and gifts sealed in cans. CONTACT US Gift Cans Our [...]

Tin Can Manufacturer South Africa Can It is a respected tin can manufacturer and tin box supplier

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Tin Can Manufacturer South Africa Since 1994, Can It has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of branded tin packaging and collection tins in South Africa. Our vast range of custom tins and canisters, ointment tins, collection tins and money boxes are available worldwide. We have proudly supplied millions of cans and canisters to our valued customers and non-profits both in and outside of South Africa and as far as Australia and the United States. Can It is a tin can manufacturer [...]