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Fundraising Inspiration

Fundraising Inspiration  We Love Inspiring People and We love Helping Charitable Causes. We love helping companies with Corporate Social Investment. We love teaching children about fiscal responsibility. We love Promoting Brands via a clever Financial Promotional Product. We love helping religious institutions inspire their communities. We love assist worthy causes sustain themselves. We love the fact that our Money Tins are allowing people to DO GOOD by disposing of their unwanted pocket shrapnel And most importantly... We love Fundraising! [...]

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What is a Money Tin? Crowdfund with a Custom Money Box

What is a Money Tin? Can It plays a unique role in the Crowd-Funding and charity industries, as the distribution of branded money tins and charity cans began with us in 1994, at the dawn of democracy in South Africa, when Can It began as a manufacturer and supplier of just money boxes and collection tins. Since then we have grown our product offering and customer base throughout South Africa and we now enjoy excellent customer relations in Australia, Mozambique, [...]

Money Box Supplier South Africa South Africa's Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Money Tins

You found us! Now get ready... We're here to guide and assist you in raising funds for your charity The first question you should be asking yourself... What is crowd fundraising and how can I benefit from it? We've already cleared this topic in a separate article, more comprehensively. In short, Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. The Can It Money Box does just that. Money Boxes, branded [...]

Money Tins We have proudly supplied millions of money boxes and collection cans to charities, banks, insurers, government departments, nonprofits and schools

Money Tins South Africa  Branded and Plain Money Tins for Sale in South Africa Money tins provide an effortless way for people and organisations to generate a passive income that covers their expenses at the least. Money Tins also give people the option to donate to a good cause without being pressured by being asked if they would like to donate, as with some programs where tellers ask customers if they would like to make a donation. The money tin provides [...]

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