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April 2017

Custom Promotional Tin Packaging

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Custom Tin Boxes The packaging of your product in tin boxes is a lasting and important component of your marketing message. Specialty packaging impacts on the fundamental interaction between your customer and your brand – on the store shelf, where the shape, color and design of your custom packaging may determine whether or not the consumer puts your product in their shopping cart. Also consider that custom tin boxes from Can It last for years and neither the gift-giving moment nor your brand will be forgotten any time soon. This ‘keep-ability’ and reuse factor follows on from the initial appeal of a good looking tin [...]

April 2017

Branded Tins

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Branded Tins As a promotional and packaging novelty- let Can It seal your product, contents or gifts inside tin cans, with your company logo wrapped around in full-colour. Beautiful and cost-effective packaging for your product or gift. From Branded tins, Ointment tins, Custom Tin Boxes and Packaging Cans to money boxes, collection tins, Branded Chocolates and Promotional Blankets – our products vary as do our clients. We are a respected tin can manufacturer and have supplied millions of money boxes and cans to charities, companies, governmental organisations, non-profits and schools. Can It has proudly serviced well-known organisations such as [...]

April 2017

Custom Tin Boxes

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Custom Tin Boxes Custom tin boxes from Can It make a statement about your brand, and your product that is strong, innovative and memorable. Can It will work with you to give your product a unique and long lasting, printed metal box that will move quickly off the store shelves. Specialty tin packaging adds significant perceived value to any product, be it cookies, chocolate, tea, clothing or promotional items like gift cards. We take great pride in the quality of the design, printing and assembly of your custom tin boxes. We all know that distinctive specialty and seasonally relevant packaging [...]

April 2017

Promotional Tin Packaging

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Why Branded Cans for Promotions? Lightweight and adaptable, the premium tinplate we use to manufacture bespoke cans is easily moulded to best suit the contents, yet robust enough to provide protection. We also manufacture and stock a wide range of ready-made cans and canisters in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our cans are easily recycled, but we find they’re rarely discarded. People seem to find another use for them, even if just to look at. Just as the packaging of an email determines if you open it or not, so too does the packaging of your product, corporate [...]