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How are cans sealed? We'd love to explain the Canning Process to you

How are Cans sealed? What is a Can Seamer? A can seamer is a machine used to seal the lid to the can body. The lid or "end" is usually tinplated steel while the body can be of metal (such as cans for beverages and soups), paperboard (whisky cans) or plastic. The seam formed is generally leak-proof, but this depends on the product being canned. The seam is made by mechanically overlapping the two layers to form a hook. Different parameters [...]

Lids for Tin Cans South Africa's Leading Manufacturer & Supplier

Lids for Tin Cans Can It is a Johannesburg based manufacturer and supplier of metal tin can closures. We have proudly supplied millions of cans, with and without metal lids. We supply various different types and sizes. Our tin can closures require a can seamer to seal the tins.  We provide a sealing service, whereby you supply your product to us and we seal it inside the tin cans. Depending on the product, it may need to undergo certain [...]

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