What is a TT Lid?

Triple Tite Closures for Paint Tins

The Triple Tite closure is very suitable for flat plate lids. Tins with this type of closure are sometimes harder to re-close, because residue can be left in the rim after the paint is poured out. The TT closure is particularly important for mixed lacquers, because the stirrer lid can be clicked into place under the edge. In general the TT closure is experienced by its users that the lid is more easy to re(open) than a RL closure.

The performance/tightness of the Tripe Tite closure is similar to the RL closure. The TT closure is less closed than a RL closure. For good air-tightness, we advice to turn the tin cans upside down after filling, that the air-tightness off the lid/ring connection will be optimal.

  • The TT closure has a flat lid.
  • The TT lid falls in the rim of the tin.
  • The TT closure is used mainly on the professional market.