Ointment Tins for Sale

Our various size Ointment Tins are for sale in South Africa.

Ointment Tins
Ointment Tins

Browse our different size ointment tins, cosmetic tins and lip balm containers to find the perfect tin container!

Metal Tins and Containers for packaging ointment, lip balm, wax, polish and more. Check out our sizes and options by browsing our menu options and also don’t forget to follow us on Our Twitter! Continue scrolling for pics and sizes of our branded and plain tins.

If you’re looking to buy metal ointment tins for packaging a product; you’ve come to the right place. We’ve printed and supplied countless of ointment tins and lip balm containers to companies and organizations in South Africa.

Our Metal Tins are available branded or plain.

Don’t package your lip balm, wax or gifts in cheap-looking and boring plastic/cardboard – instead, use Can It’s beautiful metal tin containers to quickly create intrigue about your product.

Get in touch with Can It if you’re in search of Ointment Tins for Sale in South Africa. Here are our pics, info, sizes and posts about ointment tins and cosmetic containers:

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Tin Boxes

Ointment Tins are metal tin containers, carefully crafted by machine, and made out of tin-plated mild-steel. These tins are suitable for storing lip balm, cosmetics, wax and more.

Ointment Tins for Sale South Africa

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Ointment Tins
Metal Ointment Tins for Sale

We supply various different tins, which are used in all different industries. The best way to find the most suitable tin or tin container is to narrow the amount of options to look at. Alternatively, feel free to browse the FULL range here: Catalog

The following of the tins are often used to packaging lip balm and ointment: