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We manufacture & supply promotional lip balm tins for corporate gifting, promotions, conferences & events

Intrigue, Impress and Delight your clients this year with our classy Promotional Lip Balm available branded or plain and in various sizes, colours and flavours. This is one of our very popular promotional products for banks, insurance companies, government departments and corporate companies. Virtually unbreakable and forever useful and reusable – the packaging of your promotional lip balm from Can It will carry your message across for an extended period and optimal period of time.

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About our Promotional Lip Balm Tins

We offer the following standard flavours: Bubblegum (Blue), Cherry (Red), Coconut & Lime (Green), Grape (Purple), Marshmallow (Pink), Milk & Honey (Gold), Pineapple (Orange), Strawberry (Red), Cola (Brown), Vanilla (White), Unscented (Clear). We have hundreds of flavours and colours, however, which can be made to order. We are South Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of ointment tins and pocket tins. Our tins come in a variety of sizes and serve an assortment of purposes.

Lip Balm Tins for Promotions & Corporate Gifts

Branded Lip Balm Container Examples:

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Good to Know…

We manufacture and supply hundreds of different gift tins, tin cans, metal tin boxes, paint tins, wine tins and custom tin packaging options. We have supplied millions of money tins and donation boxes to charities and corporate companies. Our tins are available branded or plain, hinged or unhinged and come in different colours. We are able to fill your tins with corporate gifts, sweets, lip balm or whatever your promotion calls for. Speak to the experts here at Can It and we will do everything for you. You will get the completed product from us.

Why use Can It for your Promotional Lip Balm?

Don’t be another brick in the wall… instead, use Can It to stand out with your promotions!

So by now, you should be asking yourself- why should I be using Can It for my Promotional Lip Balm? You probably found us via our Facebook Page, by Searching Promotional Lip Balm or something similar on Google or maybe you knew us by name (we’ve traded over 25 years)… In whichever way you found us, get ready to INTRIGUE, IMPRESS AND DELIGHT YOUR CLIENTS. We made our introduction and you now want to know why you should use us.

Hmmm… and So;

While you think about that, also think about this;

Have you ever noticed that a person wakes up in the morning after sleeping in an advertised bed, washes with a bar of advertised soap, shaves with an advertised razor, sits down and consumes advertised coffee and breakfast, drives to work in an advertised car and starts his writing with an advertised pen or computer?

Just as the packaging of an email determines if you open it or not, so too does the packaging of your corporate gifts and promotions determine the return on your investment. Plastic bags, plastic containers, cardboard and paper may be cheap, but they are also thrown away immediately after use if they are even used at all. Your client throws it away as soon as they have emptied it.

Ever wondered why most product promotions are done with tins? Bakers, Five Roses, Sun International, Skip, Sunlight and others always launch their limited edition promotions in printed tins and cans. This is their product of choice because it is an item that people keep and re-use over and over, for many years.

Now, let’s get back to Why you should use Can It for your Lip Balm:

  • Sophisticated & Classy Lip Balm Containers made out of sheet metal. We don’t supply cheap-looking and boring plastic tubes. Our lip balm tins are by far the better choice for promotions and corporate gifting campaigns.

  • Strong & Robust. Our tins are virtually unbreakable, unlike plastic containers. The advantage of this is that your branding will last for years to come and provide a better ROI than other packaging options.

  • Cost-Effective on Bulk Quantities. Stop thinking plastic is cheaper, sometimes it’s not. Our ointment tins and lip balm containers are used across various industries as a practical and cost-efficient packaging method.

  • We manufacture… and, you can buy directly from us. Deal directly with the manufacturer – cut out the middle man – save on cost and receive the same awesome service. Alternatively, if you’re a reseller; let us know – we could help with special pricing.

We’ve manufactured and supplied promotional products for over 25 years. That’s right – Over 25 Years! There’s a reason our clients love us and our unique promotional gifts. Get in touch with us.