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Metal Pull Ring Lids for Tin Cans Closures for Food Cans

Metal Pull Ring Lids for Tin Cans Metal Easy Open Tin Can Closures Our easy open ends are made of tinplate and are available for packing foods such as tuna fish, tomato paste, fruits, vegetables, juices, curry, meat, mushrooms, nuts, milk powder, coffee, vegetable oils, motor oils and almost all other types of [...]

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What is a Tin Can Let us package your product in Tin Cans

What is a Tin Can A tin can, tin (especially in British English, Australian English and Canadian English), steel can, steel packaging or a can, is a container for the distribution or storage of goods, composed of thin metal. Many cans require opening by cutting the "end" open; others have removable covers. Cans hold [...]

Explained: How Food is Canned Food Preservation during the Canning Process

How is food Canned? Food Preservation during the Canning Process To prevent the food from being spoiled before and during containment, a number of methods are used: pasteurisation, boiling (and other applications of high temperature over a period of time), refrigeration, freezing, drying, vacuum treatment, antimicrobial agents that [...]