Printed Tins South Africa

Printed Tins South Africa

Printed Tins for Packaging

Can It is a tin can manufacturer and tin box supplier in South Africa. Their range of tins, tin cans and tin boxes can be custom printed with your unique artwork and branding. They perform various different branding methods onto tins, ranging from Film Branding and Vinyl, to Embossing and Direct Printing onto the tinplate. Offering over one hundred different standard stock tins, and over five thousand custom molds available for mass manufacturing, their range is one of the largest in Southern Africa. Contact us to buy your own tins, custom-printed by Can It.

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Did You Know?

Printed Tins are one of the best forms of Product Packaging, as the tins are kept and reused – subliminally displaying your brand wherever found. Branded tins offer great retention value and brand recognition. Plastic bags, plastic containers, cardboard and paper may be cheap packaging methods, but they are also thrown away immediately after use – if they are even used at all. Your client throws it away as soon as they have emptied it. Ever wondered why most product promotions are done with tins?

Printed Tins

Printed Tins

Tins Printed With Custom Branding

Can It specializes in the manufacturing and supply of custom printed tins that turn heads, beg to be touched and held, that increase perceived value and clearly set your product, in its printed tin packaging, apart from the competition. Your custom tin containers, printed with your logo and unique design, will be kept around for years and will look brand new without any loss in colour, years from now.

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Printed Tins

Printed Tin Boxes

Printed Tin Boxes South Africa

Can It is a leading supplier of printed tin boxes and branded tins in South Africa. Our Printed Tins are sometimes referred to as Gift Tins, Metal Tins, Tin Containers or Tin Boxes. Our Metal Tin Boxes are widely used for packaging and promotional purposes throughout South Africa.

Printed Tin Boxes

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The packaging of your product in printed tins and tin boxes is a lasting and important component of your marketing message. Specialty packaging impacts on the fundamental interaction between your customer and your brand – on the store shelf, where the shape, color and design of your product packaging may determine whether or not the consumer puts your product in their shopping cart. Also consider that tin boxes from Can It last for years and neither the gift-giving moment nor your brand will be forgotten any time soon.

Custom Printed Tins South Africa