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Custom Tin Boxes

Tin boxes from Can It make a statement about your brand, and your product that is strong, innovative and memorable. Can It will work with you to give your product a unique and long lasting, printed metal box that will move quickly off the store shelves.

Specialty tin packaging adds significant perceived value to any product, be it cookies, chocolate, tea, clothing or promotional items like gift cards. We take great pride in the quality of the design, printing and assembly of your custom tin boxes.

We all know that distinctive specialty and seasonally relevant packaging matters even more during a gift-giving season.

Shelves are crowded with numerous products of different shapes and colours. Stand out from the crowd by investing in a beautiful custom tin package especially designed for the season. Unique and beautiful specialty tin boxes give your product a much better chance of being noticed – and purchased – during any busy gift-giving season.

Your brand, your message and your image never fade on custom metal tin boxes.

Can It is the ultimate one-stop shop, providing  design and production of custom tin packaging, all details pertaining to freight, customs and duty, insurance and, of course, advertising and marketing services in South Africa, neighboring countries and anywhere in the world.

As a respected can manufacturer, we place each of our products through strict quality checks. These include ensuring cans are 100% leak-proof, visual checks, weld monitoring, on-line testing and continual calibration to detect minute variances and imperfections. This ensures exceptionally low margins of wastage. Can It will provide your business with a high quality and unique tin package to make your product nearly irresistible.


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