April 2017

Donation Cans

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Donation Cans as an Educational Tool If you are on our website to purchase money tins on behalf of a school, then you have come to the right place. Can It offers an educational programme for schools. A Money Box and Workbook, together, will serve as a pedagogical device to teach and educate children the rudiments of thrift, saving and investment. Can It’s unique experience, insight and powerhouse influence into the industry, as well as its country-wide reach, places Can It in an unparalleled position to fundamentally change and benefit the spending culture of our youth, by cultivating a savings [...]

April 2017

Charity Cans

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Charity Cans as part of Corporate Social Investment Aligned with our country’s priorities and the Millennium Development Goals; Can It plays an important role in the socio-economic development of South Africa, supplying millions of money boxes and collection tins to charities, non-profits, schools and religious institutions for fundraising. Within the South African context, corporate social investment has a pivotal role to play in bringing about meaningful transformation to the benefit of all.  The social needs facing our country are substantial and it is a moral duty for companies to make a difference by supporting projects that benefit historically disadvantaged sectors of [...]

April 2017

Money Tins

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Money Tins for Fundraising Can It plays a unique role in the Crowd-Funding and charity industries, as the distribution of branded money boxes and collection tins began with us in 1994, at the dawn of democracy in South Africa, when Can It began as a manufacturer and supplier of just money boxes and collection tins. Since then we have grown our customer base throughout South Africa and we now have customers in Australia, Mozambique, Botswana, Tanzania and Namibia. Money tins provide an effortless way for people and organisations to generate a passive income that covers their expenses at the least. It [...]

April 2017

Custom Lip Balm Tins

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Lip Balm Tins The perfect promotional give-away. A sophisticated and classy, yet cost-effective, gift that will appeal to women. Filled with your chosen colour and flavour lip balm and printed with your company logo, these make the perfect promotional product for corporates and marketers to hand out to potential and existing clients. We are South Africa’s largest manufacturer and supplier of ointment tins and pocket tins. Our tins come in a variety of sizes and serve an assortment of purposes. We can fill your ointment tins with mints, sweets, corporate gifts or anything you desire – alternatively, you can fill them yourselves. [...]

April 2017

Mint Tins

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SA’s Largest Manufacturer – Printed Mint Tins, Custom Mints in Tins, Branded Mint Tins, Corporate Mint Tins, Promotional Mint Tins, Logo Mint Tins, Tic-Tac Mint Tins A breath of fresh air to the art of marketing. Never leave a CHEAP taste in your customer’s mouth again with a cheap gift such as a pen or lanyard. The way to your client’s heart is through a quality, tasty product, inside a perfectly branded mint tin that is forever useful and reusable. On quantity, these can compete with the pricing of a branded pen or lanyard. Introducing Can It’s Pocket-Pal Tic-Tac-Tins. Filled with [...]

April 2017

Collection Tins

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What is a Money Tin? A Money Box (sometimes referred to as a charity can, money tin or collection tin) is the traditional name of a coin container made out of metal with a slot in the top, for depositing coins. Money Boxes serve a multitude of purposes, but are normally used by charities for fundraising, by children for saving and by corporations for promotional purposes – Money Boxes are generally branded with a company logo or personal message and serve as a pedagogical device to teach the rudiments of thrift and savings. In South Africa and many other countries, money boxes form a vital part of the fundraising and charity [...]

April 2017

Money Boxes

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SA’s Largest Manufacturer & Supplier – Branded Money Boxes, Charity Cans, Collection Tins, Money Tins, Saving Cans, Donation Tins, Money Cans Whether you call it money boxes, collection tins or charity cans, the Can It Money Box is timeless and timely. Our first and most popular range for charities and corporate alike. We manufacture various sizes of collection tins to cater for street drives, corporate incentives and campaigns, charity drives, collection at tills and more. Available branded or unbranded, The Can It Collection tin is the exciting and intriguing novelty we all loved as kids, and all use as adults and corporates to teach about charity [...]

April 2017

Tin Can Manufacturer

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Tin Can Manufacturer Since 1994, Can It has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of branded tin packaging and collection tins in South Africa. Our vast range of custom tins and canisters, ointment tins, collection tins and money boxes are available worldwide. We have proudly supplied millions of cans and canisters to our valued customers and non-profits both in and outside of South Africa and as far as Australia and the United States. Can It is a tin manufacturer and can supplier to retailers, wholesalers, the tin packaging industry, as well as the promotional and corporate gifting industries. Lightweight [...]

April 2017

Tin Packaging

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Why use Tin Packaging? We specialize in the manufacturing and supply of custom tin boxes that turn heads, beg to be touched and held, that increase perceived value and clearly set your product, in its custom tin packaging, apart from the competition. We understand the importance of packaging at Can It and the value it brings to your brand. Ours is a business built on a background in engineering, an understanding of manufacturing and a keen eye for detail. The packaging of your product in tin boxes is a lasting and important component of your marketing message. Specialty packaging impacts on the [...]

April 2017

Printed Tins

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Printed Tins The packaging of your product in printed tins and  tin boxes is a lasting and important component of your marketing message. Specialty packaging impacts on the fundamental interaction between your customer and your brand – on the store shelf, where the shape, color and design of your custom packaging may determine whether or not the consumer puts your product in their shopping cart. Also consider that custom tin boxes from Can It last for years and neither the gift-giving moment nor your brand will be forgotten any time soon. This ‘keep-ability’ and reuse factor follows on from the initial appeal of [...]

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